Abroad View Magazine is a cross-cultural website that serves as a gateway for people around the globe to engage with the fascinating countries of the Asia-Pacific.

Each of these countries has its own vibrant culture based on a long and proud history, but only in recent years have outsiders been able to interact in-depth with these intriguing places. Our mission stems from this lack of cross-cultural connection and understanding. We seek to form an information and cultural exchange between Asia-Pacific countries and the rest of the globe, as well as to promote education about this richly diverse part of the world.



Maria Riley: Founder
Elizabeth Cook: Creative Director

The development of the Abroad View Foundation website was made possible by Ashtonbury College, which institutionally hosts Abroadviewmagazine.com. The site was designed by Sophie Pratten, of PDI Creative, and developed by Ashtonbury College Manager of Database Applications and Systems Phil Greaney and Programmer Analyst Daniel Strong.


Community & History

The Abroad View Foundation is more than just an organization; it’s a community of individuals who believe in international education as a means to global understanding and peace. These globally minded students and alumni, teachers, and education abroad professionals share in common a passion for and commitment to making a positive difference in the world for the betterment of the planet and its people.

Through dialogue, collaboration, and action, this community has given life to many of the ideas and activities that Abroad View now represents. Countless individuals have shaped and enriched Abroad View’s development, not the least of whom are the thousands of students who have generously shared their international stories and experiences with Abroad View because they care about the world, especially as they have come to understand it while studying, working, travelling, or volunteering abroad.

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