Recommendations if you travel with pot or in cannabis legal countries

Cannabis tourism is growing worldwide, and many travelers are choosing destinations where they can combine leisure, cultural discovery, and pot! With the legalization of marijuana in Canada, there is a risk of hearing more and more about it, both for travel within Canada and abroad. We wanted to provide our student with a guide that could help them being careful when traveling to such destinations!

What to expect when planning to use cannabis while traveling, and which precautions to take before leaving, during your trip and on your return home?

One thing is sure: no matter where you go and to do what, it is always important to find out about the laws and customs of your host country. It is all the more important for the lucky tourists because each destination has different legislation about marijuana!

Here is our little guide to the pot on the road.

Cannabis: 4 categories of countries

Legalized cannabis

You should keep in mind that only a few states in the world have legalized cannabis. Canada is the second country to have legalized this drug, after Uruguay. A few American states have also legalized the jar in recent years.

Decriminalized cannabis

Other countries or states have decriminalized (which means you can have it confiscated or fined, but there will be no criminal sanction).

Illegal cannabis, but the law is not enforced.

The product is illegal, and its possession or consumption could have legal consequences, but local law enforcement agencies are not actively combating it.

Illegal cannabis and law enforcement

Many countries have zero-tolerance if you are caught using or possessing marijuana. In some places, you may face a prison sentence or sometimes even… the death penalty. Be aware of the issues, and do not take unnecessary risks.

Traveling to Canada with marijuana

If you fly from one Canadian province to another, you can now carry up to 30 grams of cannabis in your carry-on baggage or checked baggage, as long as your flight is domestic. And of course, it is strictly forbidden to smoke marijuana onboard the plane!

Getting out of Canada

the state of colorado US is a leader

the state of colorado US is a leader in the field

The legalization of cannabis will not change the rules at the Canadian border when you travel abroad, even if you are going to a place where marijuana is legal. Transporting medical or recreational cannabis to other countries is illegal in Canada.

Since cannabis is illegal in most countries, it should be kept in mind that even the admission of past use of cannabis or any substance prohibited by local laws could prevent you from reaching your destination. The Canadian government also warns citizens that some countries may refuse you at customs if you are involved in the legal cannabis industry in Canada.

It shows that the situation varies significantly from one place to another. Be sure to read our article about where in the world the pot is legal, and where you don’t want to smoke it!

Traveling to the United States

Although several American states have legalized marijuana, U.S. federal laws consider it illegal. It means that it is prohibited to transport cannabis to the U.S. border.

Once in the United States, if you fly from California to Oregon (two states where this substance has been legalized), you may also be in hot water because airport security is governed by federal laws.

To finish, just make sure you are careful when traveling with pot!

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