In order to help financially the population confronted with the fighting, some people are taking the initiative to book on the community platform of accommodation rental. According to AirBnb, during the night of March 2 to 3, 61,000 nights were booked in Ukraine thanks to this collective solidarity.

The principle is simple: book a night in a particular accommodation in Ukraine, without going there. This allows the AirBnb platform to finance the provision of free accommodation to Ukrainian refugees.

In reaction to the Russian invasion two weeks ago, the American company had immediately decided to suspend its booking fees in Ukraine.

Following this decision, tens of thousands of Internet users around the world came to make symbolic reservations. On the English version of the site alone, Reuters counted 800 nights booked.

In just two days, AirBnb has raised more than two million dollars to support the Ukrainian people.

Individual initiatives all over Europe

Some users go further, offering to make their property available for free to Ukrainian refugees who have already crossed the border.

Still according to Reuters, 80,000 people – about 80% of them Europeans – have taken this initiative.

No commission

AirBnb has also communicated that it does not take any commission on these solidarity transactions.

“We appreciate the generosity of our community at this time of crisis,” said a spokesman for the platform.