Japan is now the world leader in innovation. Modernity is pushed to its limits but manages to harmonize with the country’s ancestral traditions.

It makes it a colorful destination, whose exploration can hardly leave anyone indifferent. That’s why every year, many students decide to come and study in Japan. It is an experience that can be very enriching in many ways provided you conscientiously organize it in advance.

Prestigious teaching

The Japanese education system ranks 10th in the world ranking of higher education. Universities and other educational institutions offer many programs in English in many fields.
They have the latest technology computer equipment, as well as numerous laboratories and libraries. The best conditions are therefore in place to encourage students to succeed. As for the choice of institutions, there are nearly 800 higher education institutions in Japan.

Vocational schools and language schools are not to be outdone either since a wide selection is available to international students.

Studying in Japan: Serious opportunities for the future

For foreigners coming to study in Japan, staying there is often a valuable option, full of possibilities. Learning to speak fluent Japanese will place expatriate students at the heart of the job market since Japanese companies are very much in demand for bilingual profiles in the face of globalization. And this, whatever the sector.

The fluidity of the labor market also offers excellent opportunities for development, which you should not overlook. Anyway, studying in Japan will make you grow up, whatever your profile. However, this is an experience to be prepared in advance to settle in optimal conditions.

The application for a visa to study in Japan

The visa application must be made six(6) months in advance, and according to your profile. If you want to do your internship or short-term studies in Japan, the visa to apply for will not be the same as for an internship or long-term study in Japan. You can find all the information about the different visa applications on the website of the Embassy of Japan.

The housing market

You will be able to integrate one of the many university residences set up in Japan. The rent is 100 euros per month. You can also choose to stay with a host family. It seems to be ideal for short stays because of its low cost and allows immersion in the heart of Japanese culture.


As registration fees are costly, scholarships have been set up by Japan for international students, including the Jasso scholarship for the most deserving. There are also scholarships granted by the French government such as Egide to help students come to Japan to study.


The costs of care and hospitalization are very high in Japan. That is why it is advisable to take out medical repatriation insurance before your departure. It will cover these costs.