There are so many reasons you need to travel abroad and experience an array of cultures. Depending how you organise the list, it could go on and on — probably forever… At times, you just need to travel as far as possible and get away from the business or off the day-to-day schedule.

Without a doubt, living off the grid is refreshing. Regardless of the case, you ought to try taking a trip abroad at least once in a lifestyle. Are you short of concrete reasons to go abroad?

Here are some of the solid reasons you should do it, like ASAP:

Have the opportunity to have out of the box experiences

philipines are an amazing destinationExperiencing life outside the box tops the list of reasons of why you need to travel abroad. At home, you might have a routine, which can get monotonous from time to time. A little adventure out of the normal is magical.

Traveling to another country enables you to experience life in a totally different way. How about you ride a train in Italy or board a bus in Peru.

Build Confidence

Travelling to a different country exposes you to different modes of transport. Furthermore, it exposes you to diverse ways of interacting with other people. Taking a trip to a foreign country, especially on your own, is an excellent way of building self-confidence. Eating out in a town and interacting with locals is not only fun but also invigorating.

When you are alone in a new environment, you learn a set of survival tactics such as trusting your instincts. You also get to learn how to read a map correctly.

Learn various fashion styles

Fashion is a cultural expression — it is self-expression. Have you ever watched the film Sex and the City II? It perfectly brings out the diversity of different cultural expressions as witnessed in fashion. New York ladies travel to Abu Dhabi to try and ‘fit in.’ From hijabs to sexy miniskirts and bright colors, undeniably, fashion across the work is meaningful and rich.

When you travel abroad, you encounter a variety of designs and fabrics.

Learn a foreign language

doing a road trip is a great way to visit a place

Doing a road trip is a great way to visit a place

For sure, learning a foreign language can turn out to be quite difficult. It applies in particular if you don’t hear the language being spoken regularly. Are you in the process of attempting to learn some foreign language, such as Spanish? If yes, then consider taking a trip to Spain. Do you want to learn more about French? Why not visit France.

Enjoy cultural awareness

Throughout the world, there is the richness of culture. You need to look above and beyond the typical tourist attractions to local events or activities. Learning about local religions, rites, or local customs increases your cultural awareness. The little gems of experience usually follow you in your entire lifetime. In fact, it influences your view or perspective of the world. In the end, you will be able to increase your knowledge about certain issues such as human rights and education.

Chance to build your resume

Travel abroad teaches you lots of new things. What is more is that it looks brilliant on your graduate school applications or resume. Some graduate schools need a statement of purpose or intent. By including your travels to foreign countries in your statement shows reviewers you are curious and anxious about the world that is around you.

Use a Drone to Capture Special Moments

DJI Drone to film holidaysEver watched a movie scene where a camera pans over stunning vistas, beautiful mountains or some wide-sweeping landscape? With drone aerial photography or filming, you can perfectly capture similar landmark footage. When travelling abroad, this technology comes in handy to helping you capture the best scenes of the dazzling landscape. Rather than utilising a film crew or your camera, the remote controlled gadget will surely help grab the best aerial shots. In the recent past, using drones to take shots has exploded in popularity throughout the world.

Before using one, it is important to check the law of the country you are visiting. Most countries have guidelines regarding the use of drones. For instance, in the United States, FAA stipulates that drones or any other model aircraft ought to stay not more than 400 feet above the ground. The same rules require drones not to be flown within three miles of air traffic or an airport.

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There is more good than harm that comes with travelling abroad. The above are just some of the many reasons you need to travel to a foreign land.

All the best in your next voyage…