Booking an airplane ticket doesn’t guarantee you’ll be allowed to board, especially when traveling with babies.

Policies vary between airlines and countries, so it’s crucial to do your research beforehand. One mother learned this the hard way when attempting to fly with her twins, resulting in her being denied at the gate despite purchasing three adjoining seats.

While her situation was unfortunate, it highlights the importance of understanding airline regulations for infant passengers. This article will clarify the rules around flying with babies, using a recent incident in Canada as a case study.

One Mother’s Troublesome Flight

The event occurred on June 20th, when a single mom living in Ontario wanted to visit her own mom in New Brunswick. She booked tickets for herself and twin babies on Flair Airlines, carefully selecting three seats together.

Aware of Canada’s restriction allowing only one lap infant per adult, she phoned the airline multiple times to confirm it was okay.

After getting the go-ahead, she felt reassured things would work out. However, upon arriving at the airport, she was informed that she couldn’t board alone with both infants.

Canada’s Laws For In-Cabin Babies

Canada has strict regulations regarding flying with infants:

  • Only one baby under 2 is permitted per accompanying adult passenger.
  • If you’re traveling with multiple babies under 2, you must have a separate passenger per child, even if you purchase seats for them.

The rule is intended as a safety precaution, preventing a solo adult from potentially becoming overwhelmed.

While the mom knew about this restriction, the conflicting information from the airline led to her confusion at the gate.

Tips For Flying With Infants

While flying with babies has extra considerations, being an informed passenger can help your trip go smoothly:

  • Research regulations beforehand: Don’t assume you can board with multiple lap infants, even if you can buy tickets. Policies vary between airlines and countries, so always check first.
  • Confirm with the airline: If anything seems unclear, call customer service for clarification. Get confirmation in writing when possible. Miscommunications can happen.
  • Consider hiring help: Some airlines allow adults to fly together with multiple infants. Bringing a second companion can enable everyone to board.
  • Prepare adequately: Flying with babies takes more time and supplies. Allow extra time for security and check-in, bring snacks/activities to stay comfortable.

While the Canadian mother’s story serves as a warning, being a savvy traveler can help you avoid problems.

By knowing policies, confirming details, and planning ahead, your next flight with little ones can be smooth and stress-free.