Your Study Abroad Experience

Many students return from studying abroad on fire with new insights and new perspectives. There’s a place for fresh ideas gained from unique vantage points—the op-ed pages of local, regional, and national newspapers.

If you’ve ever worked for a student newspaper, you know that the search for good copy—for solid, interesting, unique stories about the news and about other subjects—is neverending. Editors of major newspapers must fill many pages each day, and they hold even more articles in reserve in case a big story falls apart or events shift in a new direction. Professionals write most of these articles, but on the op-ed page (the page opposite the in-house editorial page) guest writers deliver brief opinion pieces on topics they know better than anyone else. The expansion of news on television and on the Internet has only increased the vitality of this part of the newspaper—the page where debate and controversy reign.

Did your study abroad experience prepare you to be one of these guest writers?

study abroad experienceFor an editorial to be successful, the writer must have a compelling perspective that transforms mere opinion into informed insight. Residence abroad is a wonderful starting point for such insight: you’ve lived, studied, perhaps worked in another culture, learning its outlooks, understanding its particularities, and absorbing its rhythms. Whether the issue is an international one involving your country or a local one specific to your village or town that has larger implications, you will have a perspective that most readers won’t have, an outlook that will expand most Americans’ view of the world. Everyone knows that there has been tension between France and the U.S. over the invasion of Iraq, for example, but someone who has lived in a French town where there is a large population of Muslims might have a very original way of looking at this controversy. That story could become an editorial.

A unique perspective or a clear opinion is only a starting point for an op-ed piece. The goal of an editorial is to persuade readers to change their minds on an issue, or to take action, or both. Mere opinion is unlikely to lead to those results, however; editorial writers must hone their knowledge of the situation, making sure that they have assembled facts and other concrete evidence to back up their main ideas. An editorial essay presents opinion, but it is always informed opinion—clear arguments that spring from solid facts. Your ten months in Seoul will give you an angle on relations between North and South Korea, but don’t forget to find out what’s happened since you left and to corroborate everything you learned while abroad. Once you’ve thoroughly studied the topic you want to write about, think about aiming your essay at one well-defined part of the problem. It’s tempting to blurt out everything you think about healthcare in Ghana, for example, but more reasonable to focus on one health issue.

Are you ready to join the debate?

Editorials tend to follow a fairly standard structure. Unlike research or other types of papers required in most college courses, editorials build from beginning to end toward the most dramatic and complete version of their main point, which is usually stated in the last paragraph. The first paragraph of an editorial announces and defines the problem and suggests the direction of the main argument. Subsequent paragraphs present supporting points and refute key opposing points, building a convincing case with the best argument saved for last. The concluding paragraph makes the clearest and most eloquent statement of the author’s point of view: ideally, readers should look up from the editorial with those last powerful words echoing in their minds.

Another expression of opinion, letters to the editor respond specifically to an article, an editorial, or even another letter published in the newspaper during the previous week. Cite the earlier piece in your letter’s first or second sentence: the letter should spring from that reference but move on to present its own well-defined perspective. Letters are shorter than editorials, of course, and since newspapers publish lots of them every day, letters offer the best chances for breaking into print. To insure that your letter is current, send it by email and include a phone number; if your letter is chosen, the editor may call you to confirm your identity and finalize the agreement to publish.

Start by studying the op-ed page for several weeks. What are the characteristics of the best work? Most newspapers are looking for editorials of about 700 words and for letters of about 100 words. Check the paper’s Web site or call the editorial office for guidelines. The closer your work adheres to the published form in length, structure, and format, the more likely it is to be accepted.

Putting your ideas out there in published form is a bold but very satisfying step that usually generates responses. While you are likely to hear from people who agree with you, you might also inspire others to write letters or editorials that attack what you’ve said. That dialogue is what makes an op-ed page great. Turning you study abroad experience into an editorial or a letter to the editor creates an opportunity to reflect on what you learned and to engage others in discussion. It’s also an exciting way to bring your experiences home.

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Perth and the University of Western Australia

Aside from offering a broad spectrum of educational courses, University of Western Australia is also a social hub where individuals from all over the world come together to interact. In fact, since the university was launched back early in the 20th century, the university has housed millions if not hundreds of thousands of students who are today remarkable individuals in the society.

Aside from its prestigious education facilities, U.W.A is a name that is synonymous with a broad spectrum of exhilarating outdoor activities. Here are some of the unique activities that one can engage in the University of Western Australia Perth.

Fun Activities


start a road trip in WA

Rent a car and start a road trip of WA!

The University is packed with several monuments and architectural structures that make it an interesting place to go sight seeing. Limestone arches are the most significant features along the walkways around the school.

Moreover, many of the building in the school are made using coastal limestone and the places such as the Roman Revival Architecture are excellent places to sit and spend some time. Furthermore, the building is well positioned amongst well-cared lawns and thickets of trees that make this university the ideal location for travelling.

More so, the arts faculty building comes with a new fortune theatre and open-air venue that are also perfect for sightseeing.

Catch up with university events

Moreover, one can also catch up with the events such as the `Prosh`, which is an April day whereby students dress up in costumes and go through the streets of the Perth selling newspapers as well as many other souvenirs for charity needs.

During this day people from the society around and the students come together to work for the underprivileged in their community. For instance, the Uni Camp for Kids is one of the oldest charities in the city with its origins dated back as far as 1936. Everything you need to know about UWA Events here.

Together with the Foundation, the University works with donors to provide unprivileged children with sufficient education resources to kick start their careers in life.

Engage in sporting activities
bubble football game

A bubble football game. It is incredibly fun.

Perhaps one of the most enjoyable activities that you can participate in is sports. This because games not only require physical exertion, but they are also an excellent strategy for meeting with people from all sections of the world. One such brilliant example would be the upcoming sport known as Bubble soccer. This new sport is not only physically demanding, but it is also fun and exciting as well. In fact, it might involve users being strapped into an inflatable bubble ball and running around or playing a full contact game of soccer in a bubble. Furthermore, at this University in Perth, you can acquire bubble suits an ample sized pitch where you can play with other players from the opponent’s team. Visit this link to know more!


All things considered, when you are visiting the University of Australia in Perth, a good recommendation would be to try out some of the previously mention activities. In fact, aside from it prestigious educations capacity.

This institution also has a broad spectrum of social and sporting activities that make it a fun place for anyone seeking to have an exciting experience.

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Esperance and South West National Parks

Esperance with its environments treasures a few of the most amazing and breath-taking nature’s bounties. Much of them are settled within a couple of national parks that Esperance is popular for. What these parks provide is a genuine paradise in the world and some of the most sensational landscapes and natural marvels you have actually ever seen.

Cape Le Grand National Park

wylie bay

Amazing clear waters from wylie bay

This incredible national forest is settled about 50 km east from Esperance an represents one of the most popular locations and definitely the most checked out of all the national parks in this area. Nature lovers are going to be amazed by the appeal this park treasures.
The amazing landscapes, long white sand beaches and turquoise waters are something you can discover everywhere in the Cape Le Grand.

You can even see kangaroos freely roaming around the beach at Lucky Bay.

Cape Arid National forest

It will take a 4WD to access most of the park, however when you are geared up, it will be worth while. It is much quieter and tranquil than Cape Le Grande, because it is less crowded with travelers, so you can have practically the entire park to yourself. Stunning long beaches and crystal clear water is one of the qualities of the park and you can even see whales really close to the coast.

Stokes National Park

A smaller area and less checked out than the 2 parks mentioned above, but worth checking out. It is about 80 km west from Esperance with gorgeous inlet scenery and coastal area.

Fitzgerald River National Park.

a funny localIt is among the biggest national parks in Western Australia, situated about 200 km west from Esperance. It is likewise known for its extraordinary variety of plant types; about 15% of Western Australia plant types can be found her and, to be much more incredible, some of those types can be discovered only in this park. It has varied landscapes where you can walk, cycle or take a driving trip. The main part of the park can be accessed just by foot. There countless view points that you need to experience and fantastic camping sites to invest a day or more in the nearly unblemished nature.

Among all these interesting natural surroundings that this area offers, these is definitely something for everyone to take pleasure in.

Do not think twice to pack your bags and go for an experience like this!

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Top Seven Reasons to Take a Trip Abroad and Understand Different Cultures

There are so many reasons you need to travel abroad and experience an array of cultures. Depending how you organise the list, it could go on and on — probably forever… At times, you just need to travel as far as possible and get away from the business or off the day-to-day schedule.

Without a doubt, living off the grid is refreshing. Regardless of the case, you ought to try taking a trip abroad at least once in a lifestyle. Are you short of concrete reasons to go abroad?

Here are some of the solid reasons you should do it, like ASAP:

Have the opportunity to have out of the box experiences

philipines are an amazing destinationExperiencing life outside the box tops the list of reasons of why you need to travel abroad. At home, you might have a routine, which can get monotonous from time to time. A little adventure out of the normal is magical.

Traveling to another country enables you to experience life in a totally different way. How about you ride a train in Italy or board a bus in Peru.

Build Confidence

Travelling to a different country exposes you to different modes of transport. Furthermore, it exposes you to diverse ways of interacting with other people. Taking a trip to a foreign country, especially on your own, is an excellent way of building self-confidence. Eating out in a town and interacting with locals is not only fun but also invigorating.

When you are alone in a new environment, you learn a set of survival tactics such as trusting your instincts. You also get to learn how to read a map correctly.

Learn various fashion styles

Fashion is a cultural expression — it is self-expression. Have you ever watched the film Sex and the City II? It perfectly brings out the diversity of different cultural expressions as witnessed in fashion. New York ladies travel to Abu Dhabi to try and ‘fit in.’ From hijabs to sexy miniskirts and bright colors, undeniably, fashion across the work is meaningful and rich.

When you travel abroad, you encounter a variety of designs and fabrics.

Learn a foreign language

doing a road trip is a great way to visit a place

Doing a road trip is a great way to visit a place

For sure, learning a foreign language can turn out to be quite difficult. It applies in particular if you don’t hear the language being spoken regularly. Are you in the process of attempting to learn some foreign language, such as Spanish? If yes, then consider taking a trip to Spain. Do you want to learn more about French? Why not visit France.

Enjoy cultural awareness

Throughout the world, there is the richness of culture. You need to look above and beyond the typical tourist attractions to local events or activities. Learning about local religions, rites, or local customs increases your cultural awareness. The little gems of experience usually follow you in your entire lifetime. In fact, it influences your view or perspective of the world. In the end, you will be able to increase your knowledge about certain issues such as human rights and education.

Chance to build your resume

Travel abroad teaches you lots of new things. What is more is that it looks brilliant on your graduate school applications or resume. Some graduate schools need a statement of purpose or intent. By including your travels to foreign countries in your statement shows reviewers you are curious and anxious about the world that is around you.

Use a Drone to Capture Special Moments

DJI Drone to film holidaysEver watched a movie scene where a camera pans over stunning vistas, beautiful mountains or some wide-sweeping landscape? With drone aerial photography or filming, you can perfectly capture similar landmark footage. When travelling abroad, this technology comes in handy to helping you capture the best scenes of the dazzling landscape. Rather than utilising a film crew or your camera, the remote controlled gadget will surely help grab the best aerial shots. In the recent past, using drones to take shots has exploded in popularity throughout the world.

Before using one, it is important to check the law of the country you are visiting. Most countries have guidelines regarding the use of drones. For instance, in the United States, FAA stipulates that drones or any other model aircraft ought to stay not more than 400 feet above the ground. The same rules require drones not to be flown within three miles of air traffic or an airport.

Read this webpage to know more on mini drones, ideal for travellers www.amateursdedrones.fr/mini-drone/

There is more good than harm that comes with travelling abroad. The above are just some of the many reasons you need to travel to a foreign land.

All the best in your next voyage…

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Amazing Australia Northern Territory

Australia is a magical destination for both tourists and students and we would like to introduce to you the top spots on the Continent:

Northern Territory


darwin the capital of the north

Wave Pool in the Darwin Lagoon

Darwin is the capital and most populous city in the area of the North, Australia. It is located on the northern coast of the nation and has a population of approximately 111,000 inhabitants. The city has excellent infrastructure regarding maritime and land transport, and presently has day-to-day flights from major Australian cities.

Kakadu & Arnhem Land

Kakadu National Park is one of the major destinations of the regions. It is also possible to discover traces and paintings of Aboriginal populations of more than 30 thousand years.Kakadu National Park is one of the significant tourist attractions of the regions.


katherine gorge NTKatherine lies in between Darwin and Alice Springs, and its main attraction is the Katherine George.
It is possible to find cave paintings in the very same Nimiluk National Park and Forest, and the Park offers a range of activities such as fishing, bird seeing boating and canoeing and boating and tours among the surrounding wildlife.

Alice Springs

Alice Springs is the 2nd city of the Northern Territory, also overlapping as “The Alice” or “Alice”. The primary source of earnings of the town is tourism, where hundreds of companies offer trips to check out the desert and the surrounding areas.Alice Springs is the 2nd city of the Northern Territory, also overlapping as “The Alice” or “Alice”.

Uluru – Kata Tjuta

Big development Uluru and Kata Tjuta (Heritage) Rocky domes are one of the most recognised icons in all Australia and are particularly essential for Aboriginal Anangu. It lies 1431 kilometres from Darwin, and Alice Springs is 440 km.

map of australia

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Amazing Western Australia South East Region

In the Southeast of Western Australia, you will discover an abundance of activities just awaiting you to participate. Should you be seeking to leave the city for a number of nights, there are great deals of things for you to do no matter your age, physical fitness, or interests.

Cape Le Grand National Park.

a random beach in WA south WestVoted number 2 in Australian Tourist Magazine’s 100 Finest Towns in Australia, Esperance is a great little town to invest a number of days in. If you are in the mindset for a little fishing, there are so great deals of areas to choose from that you might not fish from each if you had a month to spare. Fishing from the rocks at any among the beaches surrounding Esperance will yield salmon, skippy, herring, salmon trout, gummy shark, & shark.

If you are in the frame of mind for a little outside camping, Cape Le Grand National Park simply can not be beaten. Throughout the day, you can either take advantage of the beautiful beaches or attempt your hand at some rock climbing up at Frenchman’s Peak or Mount Le Grand. There is similarly a number of treking tracks for you should rock climbing up be out of the issue.

Charming Esperance

At 110 meters long, and 14 meters high this granite rock face makes up the north side of Hayden Rock and lies within the Hayden Wildlife Park. Fishing from the rocks at any one of the beaches surrounding Esperance will yield salmon, skippy, herring, salmon trout, gummy shark, & shark.

The Excellent Wave Rock

Its name gets from the reality that the rock looks specifically like a big wave getting ready to crash into the bush listed below. At 110 meters long, and 14 meters high this granite rock face makes up the north side of Hayden Rock and lies within the Hayden Wild animals Park. Situated near Wave Rock are Hippos Yawn, a virtually 13-meter cave opening, in addition to Mulka’s Cave.

wave-rock WA

Hope you will enjoy your vacations there.

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Been there done that: Obscure sightseeing in Paris

As one of the most visited cities in the world, Paris is a must for any traveller and young backpacker. Be it a long weekend, a stop on a European jaunt or an extended stay to soak up all the cultural attractions of this buzzing city – there is something for literally everyone in the French capital.

Most people stop by and do the Instagram-friendly sights of the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe and the Champs Elysee, Notre Dame Cathedral and the Montmartre and Pigalle area. And of course, there’s nothing wrong with that. If you’re pushed for time, there are plenty of options for tour buses and sightseeing cruises all reasonably priced and offering a similar product.

But if you want to dig deeper, Paris has some amazing off the beaten track sights that will earn you extra cool points.

1. City of the Macabre – A must see the Catacombs/Les Catacombes de Paris. This hellish spectacle in the 14eme arrondissement is a series of tunnels lined with bones and skulls, allegedly the final resting place of 6 million people! A short Metro ride from Tour Montparnasse or Le Jardin du Luxembourg this will most definitely make your Instagram pictures stand out!
Keeping with the grisly theme the Cimitiere de Montmartre is worth a visit as is the Cimitiere de Chiens (pet cemetery) which as a bit of an excursion in Asnières-sur-Seine, around 20 minutes from central Paris.

streetart building paris streets2. Crazy street art – The Parisiennes love their art so much they’ve littered the streets with it! Alongside the ubiquitous graffiti are seen all over the city, there is also some fascinating sculpture dotted around the city. From the giant thumb in La Defense to the Les Enfants du Monde (children of the world) in Parc Bercy, there is bizarre, interesting and thought provoking art all over the place. Keep an eye out for street art by Invader and Obey as well. Who needs the Louvre?

3. More art than you can shake a brush at – One of Paris’s newest art scene arrivals is Fondation Louis Vuitton. The building alone is worth the trip, looking like some bizarre arrival from outer space has set down in the heart of Bois de Boulogne. If you don’t want to make the trip to the periphery of the city then, of course, there is always the world famous Louvre, the Pompidou Centre and the Musée de Orsay to keep you amused.

4. Faire du shopping? – Had enough art and sightseeing? For some truly Parisienne retail therapy skip the tourist trap of Champs Elysee and head instead to Rue du Charonne near Bastille. Independent, vintage and designer all jostle for your attention and money here. If you prefer your shopping with a view, then Canal St Martin is lined with high street staples and independent stores alongside a beautiful canal setting. Perfect for people watching over a Vin Blanc in between shops.

5. Mangez bien! – When it comes to refuelling the French obviously have a big reputation for food and drink. Some areas have a very distinct flavour such as the Marais, historically a Jewish area, which has a huge choice of falafel and middle eastern type cuisine. The trendy areas of Bastille, Oberkampf and Republique, are strewn with a massive selection of cool bars and restaurants – from classic French to Japanese and Argentinian- follow your nose for street food or try Astier just off Ave de Republique.

Many tourists will find themselves around Montmartre at some point, the favourite haunt of artists and hellraisers. There are also many excellent choices here for food and drink – try Le Bouclard for modern French food at reasonable prices (and maybe some celeb spotting).
As a general rule, most arrondissements (areas) will have a cluster of great authentic restaurants. If in doubt try and avoid restaurants with multi-lingual menu’s at the front, especially those around the main sights.

strolling through the busy streets of paris is the best way to visit the city



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Overseas Jobs In Australia

Well, winter has started and is getting pretty cold in Europe and northern America by the fact of the cold weather that many are now experiencing. Some are even having snow in some areas. Sometimes people would like to leave the cold and snow and go somewhere sunny. But money can be an issue for some people, which prevents them from travelling.

The good news is that there is a solution for people who do not mind backpacking and are willing to work along the way at some overseas jobs. We are talking about travelling to Australia and working there. There in Australia will be the sun and warm days. This is a great option to escape the cold and snow, to travel and to see another culture and a beautiful country.

Before your travel down under

beach driving on the gold coastBefore you travel to Australia, a person must make sure that to get his or her visa in order. This does not have to be a real hassle or problem since most travel agents are usually pretty good about being able to help people to get a good working holiday visa.

One must take the precaution not show up to Australia without it, or else the authorities will not let the traveller into the country. It is illegal to work in Australia during a vacation without the right kind of visa securely fastened in the person’s passport. The working holiday visa allows a person to be in Australia for one year, which is a very good length of time, though one may not wish to stay that long and is not required to do so.

If a person decided to work in Australia for a year, he or she will be required to work for one employer only for six months and then will have to work for a different company every six months, if the person needs to or desires to work the whole time during the stay in Australia. That is the way the visa is set up.

So then perhaps people are probably wondering what kinds of jobs there are available when someone wants to work in Australia during his or her holiday time. There is a lot of work in the Oz area with the farmers who are looking for people to pick fruit and vegetables during the harvest seasons. It is helpful to know that the spring season is from September to November and that the summer season is from December to March if a person desires to be there during the nicest times of Australia’s weather and to work on the farms.

Farming jobs

For those who already speak English, they are really at an advantage of being able to get a job in Australia. They may be able to work in a restaurant or café. There are horse farms that hire temporary workers if they love horses.

For those who have medical experience as a nurse, there certainly often are lots of opportunities to work at a nursing part time in the hospitals or in nursing homes, etc.

There seems to be a lot of administrative and office work available in the main cities of Australia. Perhaps this might be something that someone with those kinds of skills would be interested in during their stay in Australia.

It is even possible to get work at hostels by preparing breakfast, cleaning, serving at the reception counter, etc. In turn, the person may receive free accommodations and a small wage.

Accommodation, hostels or camping?

camping in australia in a caravan park ith a roof tentNow the important fact to discuss is the need to have a place to stay. There are many hostels for backpackers. Some of the hostels are very basic, but then there are ones that even seem more like a hotel with a more luxurious setting.

It is good to make sure that the hostel has some food that can purchase, such as from a café or kiosk, or has a shared kitchen so that one can cook something. It is a good idea also to check to see if the hostel has laundry facilities. Note, that the hostels usually do not provide towels and that the traveller should bring his or her towels.

Perhaps people like the idea of tenting and the real wilderness experience, so this will then create the need for a person to have his her tent. It is important to know that one cannot just pitch the tent anywhere. No, a person is not allowed to pitch a tent along side the road or anywhere on the beach. That is illegal. The tenting traveller will need to stay in a campsite located on a caravan park. Sometimes hostels even have campsites behind their buildings for those who prefer to stay in their tent and it is cheaper than staying in a room in the hostel.

If you a person decides to stay in Australia for six months to a year, it likely would be cheaper to rent a room in a house or an entire house. A hostel would probably cost more over this period, but hostels are suitable for shorter stays.

Should you need more details regarding work and accommodation, feel free to visit the following websites:

https://jobsearch.gov.au for job research.



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Benefits of Spending Your Gap Year as an Au-Pair in the U.S.

Deciding how to spend one’s gap year can be a hard thing and trying experience. With fiends and family all sharing their opinions sometimes there is no easy answer. Regardless of what one may hear an exciting option to consider is being an au-pair in the United States.

aupairWhat Exactly is an Au-Pair?

Not sure what an au-pair is? An au-pair is a young student, typically between 18-30, who lives and works with  a host family in a foreign nation for a year or two. While the au-pair is living with the host family, the au-pair may be responsible for some domestic work as well as helping to care for the families child or children.

What are the Benefits of being an Au-Pair?

Being an au-pair comes with many benefits, especially in the United States. The au-pair industry within the United States is federally regulated with some agencies being recognized by the federal government as an au-pair organization in the United States.

An au-pair in the United States will receive an hourly wage based upon the federal minimum wage, one day guaranteed vacation per week, one weekend per month off, a private room, and the first five hundred dollars towards the required course work at a the United States accredited college or university.

Furthermore, under federal law, an au-pair living and working within the United States shall not have to work more than forty-five hours in a single week, be a general housekeeper for the host family, or be a household manager.

Cultural Immersion

Perhaps the most important benefit of being an au-pair in the United States is the cultural aspect. No matter where you may be assigned the rich cultural heritage of the United States means that you will be surrounded by interesting and often unique opportunities.

Also, to the many cultures, an au-pair will be exposed to there is also a wide variety of natural beauty and outdoor activities. Many of these activities will be surprisingly close to anywhere the au-pair is living. From forests and mountains to rolling wine country, and desert.

All in all a gap year spent living abroad in the United States and working as an au-pair would be a year well spent. The au-pair would have an opportunity to explore the natural wonder of various parts of the country, see a variety of different cultures, make some money, and get a jump start on eating that university degree. So consider coming to the United States for your gap year to work as an au-pair.

Check out the video below to have a better idea of what is the daily life of an au-pair in America:


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Find an internship in China

china-shanghaiThe current economic situation and the numerous job opportunities in China make it one of the most attractive countries for students and young graduates. Whether it be in Beijing, Shanghai, and other equally interesting cities, big multinational and national companies are growing exponentially and are seeking foreign talent.

Getting work experience through an internship in China will lead to future opportunities in the Asian market and even in Europe or America.

Why do an internship in China?

China is home to thousands of foreign graduates eager to discover a new culture and a market in full expansion and full of opportunities. Many young graduates stay or return to China after their studies in order to start their careers and enjoy positions of responsibility within small and middle size companies as well as large international groups wishing to establish themselves in Asia. Working in China will give you the opportunity to quickly access higher positions than the you would in your home country.

Getting a first hand experience of the Chinese market through an internship can be a valuable asset for your professional career. In addition to that, with expatriates from around the world, the country becomes a mix of cultures. This multiculturalism will be a great personal benefit, as it will make you more open minded. It’s also a great way to develop your professional network by meeting young people from around the globe.

Legislation in China for internships

As with most countries in Asia, there is no minimum wage in China for a trainee. Some internships are paid, some are not, depending on the company you are working with. In the best case, you can even get an allowance to cover your housing expense or your plane ticket. Other compensations can be applied when you don’t get a proper salary, such as free meals or transportation. However, in any case, this money won’t be declared to the government as internships are officially unpaid.

The process of obtaining a training visa in China

The new Chinese law in July 2013 has made access to internships a lot more complicated for foreign students. The Chinese government gives several reasons for these changes. Among others, trainees are merely employed because they are foreigners, to only bring a Western touch to the Chinese business, not to add real value to the company. Also, China is affected by unemployment as well, so the government wants to push local companies to employ Chinese workers, rather than foreigners.

Previously, the F visa was required to do an internship in China. This visa is now restricted to non-commercial exchanges and visits, including scientific, educational, cultural, sports, and medical reasons, on a temporary basis. Thus, the internship visa no longer exists. As for the Z visa, it is necessary for all foreigners who wish to work in China and get a salary. Thus, it can’t be applied for an internship.

china studies

The best way to legally do an internship in China, and which could also be very rewarding and useful in everyday life or for your personal career, is to enroll in part time Chinese courses. Thus, you can apply for a study visa with a local school or university. The study visa is the X visa, which allows you to do an internship under the supervision of your university / school for a maximum period of six months (X2) or more (X1). Your institution will be able to provide all the documents necessary for the visa X, such as an invitation letter and a letter of acceptance. Another possibility is to get a business visa M, which allows you to stay up to six months.

Required documents:

– An internship contract signed between the company and the university is required to do an internship in China.
– Passport
– The application fee for the visa procedures (about $80)
– Proof of subscription to an international health insurance

Any prospective student interning in China must provide proof of health insurance to obtain a visa. Outside your country, your medical expenses are fully charged to you and it is necessary to be covered by an insurance while you are in China as an intern.

Don’t hesitate to share your intern experience in China in the comments below!

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Working Holiday in Australia and New Zealand

Both Australia and New Zealand offer working holiday visa programs. These programs allow foreign citizens to enter the country for an extended holiday and work during their stay. Both programs allow visitors between the ages of 18 and 30 from certain countries to apply for this type of visa. This gives young people from around the world have a chance to see new countries with less financial stress.

working holiday australiaAustralia offers two types of working holiday visas: the Working Holiday Visa (Subclass 417) and the Work and Holiday Visa (Subclass 462). Both visas allow foreign citizens to vacation and work in Australia for 12 months, and the type of visa you apply for is based on your home country. Currently, Australia only lets citizens of certain countries enter on this type of visa: US, UK, Canada, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Ireland, Poland, Italy, Turkey, Cyprus, Estonia, Denmark, Belgium, Norway, Germany, Netherlands, Malta, Finland, France, Japan, Sweden, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Taiwan, and South Korea. You must also meet additional criteria such as proof of having enough money to support yourself during your trip and not having any children. Upon receiving your visa, you have 12 months to enter Australia. Once you have entered the country once, you may exit and re-enter as many times as you like. You can only work for up to six months during your stay, but you can study for four months as well. If you wish to extend your stay, you are able to apply for a second working holiday visa if you meet certain requirements such as a specific region and three months of work in a specified region.

New Zealand has multiple working holiday visa schemes based on your home country. These visa schemes typically allow citizens to stay for up to 12 months as well as enter multiple times. Some countries are only allowed shorter stays in the country with two examples being Singapore and Malaysia. While New Zealand also does not offer this type of visa to citizens of every country, it offers visas to citizens of more countries including China. Each country has various application requirements as well as restrictions on work and study, so it is necessary to check with the New Zealand immigration department for the relevant information. Your initial entry to the country must be completed within 12 months of receiving your visa. If you wish to extend your stay past twelve months, you may see if you are eligible for an alternative visa. You cannot receive more than one working holiday visa, even if you do not use your first one. The only exception to this rule are citizens of the UK or Canada. If you are a citizen of one of these countries, you may apply for a 12 month visa and apply to extend it to 23 months, or simply apply for a 23 month visa at the start. If applying for a 23 month visa, you must also submit general health and chest x-ray certificates.

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